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It’s #HRBookClub Time! April Meeting Details


Join me on Twitter on Monday, April 30, at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific to talk about two books: “HR on Purpose” and “Herding Tigers.” Did you read them? We’ll chat about what makes these HR books by Steve Browne and Todd Henry so timely and important. (Here are my reviews, if you missed them.)…

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HR Books Review: ‘Herding Tigers’

Should you manage creative teams differently than technical teams? Do you need a different style with designers than engineers? How does motivating creative people differ from coaching sales professionals? Todd Henry explores those questions and more in his book, “Herding Tigers: Be the Leader Creative People Need.” What I Liked About the Book “Herding Tigers”…

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The HR Role Model You’ve Been Looking for

You’re busy, tired, and stressed out from a career in human resources that might not be as fulfilling as it once seemed. You’re still cashing checks, but you’re not bringing your best to work. There’s part of you that has grown complacent, but I know you want to do better. You want to be the…

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Get a Free Book: ‘What Color Is Your Parachute?’

What Color Is Your Parachute

You may not know Jason Lauritsen, but he’s a leading speaker and thinker on topics such as employee engagement and leadership. He is also an avid reader, like you and me. Jason appeared on my podcast last week, and recommended a treasure trove of resources for people like you who want to double-down on their…

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Readers Are Leaders: A New HR Job Board

HR job board

Hey, everybody! Thanks for reading HR Books and getting excited about #HRBookClub. I hope you’re reading a new book each month. If you’re still struggling, you can break it down into a chapter each week. Or try reading ten pages each night before you go to bed. Still struggling? Try an audiobook. Three New Things…

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The Recruiter’s Handbook

Recruiter’s Handbook

I still remember the day that my boss put me in charge of company recruiting. I thought it was punishment for something I had done wrong. Back then, I thought recruiting was boring because the only part of the process that I saw was the interviewing part. Wow, was I wrong! To be successful in…

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April #HRBookClub Recommendations

HR Books April 2018 picks: HR leadership books

April is National Poetry Month, which started in 1996 to enhance the appreciation of poetry in the United States. I’m not sure anybody wants to read HR poetry books, but, if you’re looking for something different to read, here’s the best poetry of 2017 according to The New York Times. #HRBookClub for April 2018 HR…

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