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We’ve All Been Automated


I love this excerpt from “Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.” David Graber posits a theory that the automation apocalypse has already happened. It’s bloody, and has affected a majority of the population in America. However, we’ve superficially stopped the hemorrhaging by adding more bullshit jobs to the labor market. “Since at least the Great Depression, we’ve…

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Find Your Lane and Drive Your Career with Purpose

Career GPS Bruce Waller

On April 4, 2015, I was sitting on a plane in Dallas getting ready to fly to Denver for a relocation conference. As I was sitting on the tarmac, I reflected on my ten-year-old blog called A Relocation Minute. I wanted to write a book to share leadership lessons I have learned over the past…

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HR Book Club Excerpt: ‘The Talent Fix’

Tim Sackett is one of the most famous HR bloggers leaders in the game, and, also, the godfather of talent acquisition. In his new book, Timmy helps recruiters and human resources leaders “fix” recruiting and hire the best talent in a sub-4% unemployment market. Our second book of the month is all about helping you…

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