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January #HRBookClub: Your New Year in HR Books!

Hey, everybody, welcome to the January 2019 #HRBookClub. Last year, my goal was to help you read 12 books in 12 months. We started with Brené Brown and Dan Harris. It was a fun year where we learned a lot about how people consume information and share their ideas online. This year is different. I…

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HR Book Club Excerpt: Can You Hear Me?

Dr. Nick Morgan is the founder of Public Words and a leading expert on the science of communication and public speaking. In his new book, Nick helps leaders and employees “fix” virtual communication problems and make work better. Here’s an excerpt from, “Can You Hear Me?: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World.”…

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#HRBookClub October Selection

Wonder what it’s like to read over two dozen HR books in ten months? Welcome to the October edition of #HRBookClub where I’ve consumed close to 25 books during the past ten months and tried to curate the best and most compelling recommendations for our journey together. My job hasn’t been easy. Most HR books…

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We’ve All Been Automated


I love this excerpt from “Bullshit Jobs: A Theory.” David Graber posits a theory that the automation apocalypse has already happened. It’s bloody, and has affected a majority of the population in America. However, we’ve superficially stopped the hemorrhaging by adding more bullshit jobs to the labor market. “Since at least the Great Depression, we’ve…

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HR Book Club Excerpt: ‘The Talent Fix’

Tim Sackett is one of the most famous HR bloggers leaders in the game, and, also, the godfather of talent acquisition. In his new book, Timmy helps recruiters and human resources leaders “fix” recruiting and hire the best talent in a sub-4% unemployment market. Our second book of the month is all about helping you…

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#HRBookClub September Selection

#HRBookClub September

How are your reading goals for 2018? Are you on target? Do you feel good about how you’re spending your downtime? How are your professional goals coming along? Are you ready to read a couple of HR books? That’s a lot of questions. Welcome to September’s #HRBookClub of the month, a place where HR leaders…

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#HRBookClub August Selection

Hey, everybody, it’s August. Can you believe it? Readers are leaders, and I created HR Books to help you read twelve books in 2018. We’re well on our way. So far, we’ve read: Braving the Wilderness Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics Year of Yes A Chance in the World New Rules of Work Everything Happens for…

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Join the #HRBookClub Facebook Group


The #HRBookClub has been pretty fun to organize, but here’s one valuable lesson I’ve learned: you can’t please everybody all of the time. Working in human resources and talent for all these years, you’d think this lesson would come naturally to me. But I should know that it’s hard enough to read books, let alone…

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