Author Priya Parker to kick off Workhuman Live 2020

Who else gets a little stressed when it comes to planning a get-together? Coordinating multiple personalities, finding a time and venue that works for everyone – there’s a lot that goes into hosting a gathering, whether for your family or a business function. But are we fixating on the right things when it comes to planning these events? “The art of gathering begins with purpose,” writes facilitator and strategic advisor Priya Parker in her book, “The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters.” Priya argues the way we gather – for weddings, parties, dinners, holidays – often...

Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Have you ever wondered how professional athletes, academics, researchers or artists get so good? Malcolm Gladwell taught us you need to practice 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything in this world. Maybe that number is right. Perhaps it's not. What do you think? In the new book "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World," David Epstein goes one step beyond Gladwell and argues that embracing range is better than specializing in one thing. While we need specialists in this world, the path to excellence is molded through exposure to a range of diverse ideas and varied experiences....

HR Books Review: Stories that Stick

There's a school of thought out there that HR needs to tell a better story about itself.  First, we should describe the value we bring. Then, we should highlight the HR professionals who do it. Next, we must demonstrate how we impact people's lives with attention to specific detail. Finally, we must show how our work transforms our workers and our leaders—professionally, emotionally, and financially.  If we tell a better story about how we positively affect the landscape of business, we improve the future of HR. I like it, which is why I like Stories That Stick by Kindra Hall. What's It...

HR Books Review: The 9 Faces of HR

You've heard the buzzwords surrounding becoming a great HR leader. Get a seat at the table. Get strategic. Know the business. What does it really mean for HR pros in 2020 and beyond? Kris Dunn just wrote a new book called "The 9 Faces of HR: A Disruptor's Guide to Mastering Innovation and Driving Real Change" where he pitches a hard, yet compelling reality — that every HR professional on the planet can be classified as one of nine faces. There are millions of HR pros, but only nine total "faces" or personas. Maximum. Some of these faces know the business,...

HR Book Club Excerpt: Can You Hear Me?

Dr. Nick Morgan is the founder of Public Words and a leading expert on the science of communication and public speaking. In his new book, Nick helps leaders and employees “fix” virtual communication problems and make work better. Here’s an excerpt from, “Can You Hear Me?: How to Connect with People in a Virtual World.”

Ready to Change Work? Start Here

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years about “humanizing” work. It’s a long overdue discussion because far too many people are suffering through a dreadful experience of work day after day. “Unlocking High Performance” illuminates how to achieve both of these critical goals: to create a work experience that feels great to employees while also supporting them in performing up to their potential.

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