You Need to Read Mike Carden’s New Book

Mike Carden just wrote a book that you should read, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my friend. I know you work in human resources, not marketing, but the tips on communicating and selling ideas are applicable to everyone who cares about making work better and democratizing good ideas.

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The Best Books for Building a Network

So many of the intangible skill sets that define great HR careerists — emotional intelligence, attention to detail, resourcefulness — are already well aligned with how our favorite superconnectors operate in their day-to-day lives. These authors all touched our lives. We hope that they'll have the same impact on you, too.

Hyper-Connected Selling

Why would a book with “selling” in the title be a good read for an HR professional? Well, digital communication and all the information that’s available online have changed how we buy and sell. Entire industries are evolving.

HR Books Review: ‘Herding Tigers’

Should you manage creative teams differently than technical teams? Do you need a different style with designers than engineers? How does motivating creative people differ from coaching sales professionals? "Herding Tigers" is an excellent primer on what it means to work human.

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