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Find Your Lane and Drive Your Career with Purpose

On April 4, 2015, I was sitting on a plane in Dallas getting ready to fly to Denver for a relocation conference. As I was sitting on the tarmac, I reflected on my ten-year-old blog called A Relocation Minute.

I wanted to write a book to share leadership lessons I have learned over the past 20-plus years to encourage others in their careers. I also wanted to have a legacy book for my children and their children. I knew this could be a great resource for young leaders in the workforce, but as I later realized, this book is actually for anyone with a desire to succeed in their career.

The book uses a “Career GPS” strategy that will challenge the reader with questions to either validate their current lane for success, inspire them to change lanes, or make a detour along the way. A “Career GPS” (Grow Plan Share) is a mindset to be more purposeful and have a strategy to become a better leader every day. When we grow in our leadership role, everything around us grows too, including our teams.

Through inspiring and entertaining “Find Your Lane” stories and strategies, the reader will embark on an enjoyable journey. Today I want to share three strategies that are a must for reaching success in any career.

Maintain Your Vehicle

This strategy is about investing in yourself. My brother shared a John Maxwell leadership cassette tape with me over 20 years ago, to help coach me through employee situations. Today I read and listen to over 50 books and podcasts a year to learn, grow, and share the learnings with others. There is no better ROI than your personal growth.  

Plan Your Roadmap

This strategy is about being purposeful in your planning and setting goals of what you want to achieve. A friend once told me you can define the day or it will define you. The better you plan the day, week, or month, the more productive you will be in achieving your goals and objectives.

Use the Carpool Lane

This is about networking. When you invest in people, your net worth explodes. It’s all about the people zone. The more you expand your network, the more resources you have to share with others. Many people wait until they are in transition before they build a network. Build your net worth today by investing in a great network!

One of the best parts about writing this book has been hearing the stories shared by so many people of how they have been inspired after reading the book. My hope is that it will inspire you to drive your career with purpose and make the most of your journey.

Editor’s Note: Bruce Waller is an active member of the HR Book Club. We love his enthusiasm and hope you pick up a copy of “Find Your Lane and Drive your Career with Purpose” today. Tell us what you think in the HR Book Club Facebook group.

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