HR Books Review: ‘Feminist Fight Club’

Stop what you’re doing and go read “Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace” by Jessica Bennett.

I know you’re busy, but this book is a quick read and full of timely advice for building up your confidence and overcoming toxic work environments.

Dudes Will Love It, Too

Bennet anchors the book with a solid understanding of the history of work. She describes how women have been treated throughout the years, and she’s aware that progress for “women” often leaves out people of color and other protected minorities.

In plain-spoken language, Bennett outlines how women can support one another without mean-spirited competitiveness and horizontal envy. And she also makes the case that treating women better correlates to better financial results and higher happiness scores for everybody in an organization — including middle-aged white men.

You’re Not Alone

Everybody feels alone and isolated in our careers from time to time. Whether you’re a millennial or a Baby Boomer, your job can be disappointing and unmotivating. So Bennett closes the book by writing about how you can create a community of like-minded professionals who support one another when times are tough.

She also chronicles all the “feminist fight clubs” that helped make work better for men and women across America. From union movements to riot grrrls, people have been joining together for the past 100 years to fight for your right to have paid vacation and health insurance.

You’ve benefited from a feminist fight club whether you know it or not.

Tell Everybody

So, stop scrolling on Facebook and get over to your local library. Read “Feminist Fight Club” on your commute home, during your lunch break, or whenever there’s time to work on your personal development.

While the first rule of Chuck Palahniuk’s fight club is to not tell anybody, Jessica Bennett has bigger dreams for you. Don’t just read her book. Start a club and tell everybody about it. That’s how you fix work. One fight club at a time.

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