HR Book Club Chat: February 2018

Hey, everybody. The #HRBookClub is a work in progress, and we are testing different ways to include people in our discussions about books.

We’ll be meeting on February 28th at 2:00 PM ET / 11 AM PT on Twitter for our book club chat. We’ll discuss the following questions.

Q1. Did you read #YearofYes or #ChanceInTheWorld in February? Did you read else? Nothing? Overall, did you meet your reading goals in February? #HRBookClub #HRBookChat

Q2. What’s the most significant challenge to reading a book each month? Is it time? Distractions? You just don’t like books? #HRBookClub #HRBookChat

Q3. Author and badass @ShondaRhimes spent a year saying yes to everything, and it changed her life. Are you a “no” person? What would it take to say yes more often? #HRBookClub #HRBookChat

Q4. Author @istevepemberton wrote about his experiences being failed by people in positions of power and authority. How do you use your role in HR to make sure that we’re watching out for the least among us? #HRBookClub #HRBookChat

Q5. It’s African American History Month. Any book or other media recommendations or links you’d like to share with #HRBookClub #HRBookChat? What do we need to read or watch? What would help inform HR readers and turn them into more empathetic leaders?

Q6. Next month is Women’s History Month. If you could recommend just one book about women, what should we read? Anything about passion, purpose, vocation or identity counts as an HR book! #HRBookClub #HRBookChat

Hope to see you Wednesday, February 28th at 2 PM ET for our book chat on Twitter. And follow us at @BestHRBooks for the event!

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