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Hyper-Connected Selling

Why would a book with “selling” in the title be a good read for an HR professional?

Well, digital communication and all the information that’s available online have changed how we buy and sell. New jobs are popping up inside organizations while other positions are disappearing or changing. Sales and marketing teams are being disrupted. Employer branding is taking on increasing importance. And entire industries are evolving.

Is Everybody In Sales?

While the sales process is only a part of the broader disruption happening in the workforce, it’s a microcosm for the larger changes. It’s important to understand how it’s going to affect you in HR. More importantly, you should know how you can leverage this evolution in sales and apply it to your current position and for your own long-term career.

Think about it: Job candidates put their brands online when they are looking for work, employees have a whole new space to interact in (and make mistakes in), and you must manage all these relationships while also positioning yourself as an expert resource. That’s a lot of change in a short amount of time.

What’s My Book All About?

In “Hyper-Connected Selling,” I’m looking at the impact that digital communication has on how we influence people in the offline world. Too often, people think it’s an either/or proposition: Either you go all in and live in a matrix run by computers, or you completely resist the advance of technology.

Hyper-Connected Selling” looks at the middle path. Instead of taking a narrow perspective on one aspect of digital communication, it looks at the ways the online and offline can — and must — blend in the modern career. Technology has provided a wealth of information and convenience in our workplace, but that doesn’t mean we can give up the human aspects of our connections.

My book is a practical, step-by-step look at the changes driven by technology and what you can do to take advantage. I want to help you understand how you can sell yourself and your ideas.

I come from a sales and entrepreneurial background. I have been writing about networking and relationships for years. Even if you don’t have “sales” on your business card, your ability to navigate this changing landscape will make your job easier. And as a speaker and trainer, I’ve been talking about LinkedIn and social media for over a decade. “Hyper-Connected Selling” was my way of bringing these strands together.

I hope you check out my book, and follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn for more social selling tips. More importantly, I hope you’ll learn how to create relationships and a personal brand that keep you relevant and employable well into the future.


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