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The #HRBookClub has been pretty fun to organize, but here’s one valuable lesson I’ve learned: you can’t please everybody all of the time.

Working in human resources and talent for all these years, you’d think this lesson would come naturally to me. But I should know that it’s hard enough to read books, let alone organize a monthly chat. Some people want to discuss major points and themes; others want to stay quiet, read a book and find other recommendations.

So, it’s time to pick a lane and get serious about #HRBookClub.

Our research shows us that three things are true about the #HRBookClub:

  • People want to join a club.
  • Nobody wants to do Twitter chats.
  • People want a private space beyond a blog to discuss book topics.

That’s why we created the #HRBookClub Facebook group. Join today and we’ll be in there daily to talk about the book of the month and more. We’ll provide reviews, reading guidance, and access to HR authors who want to share their ideas with you. And our other properties — from the blog to Twitter and Instagram — will continue because they are fun.

But the Facebook group is where we can have asynchronous but also somewhat synchronous discussions about the book of the month.

If you join today, you’ll be grandfathered into the group and receive some pretty fabulous benefits down the road. Free books, access to authors, discounted conference passes, and potential opportunities to attend conferences as panelists and speakers.

Want to expand your speaking career? Want to attend events that seemed out of reach? Want to learn from smart authors? Readers are leaders, and it’s my goal to start marrying this community to bigger and better opportunities. Plus you’ll get to hear about up-and-coming HR books before anybody else.

And I’ll be on Facebook each day with the best quotes, discussion topics and opinions about the book of the month. And we’ll create channels so you can chat about HR and talent-related issues, too.

Welcome to #HRBookClub’s new page. We can’t wait to see you there.

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Welcome to the #HRBookClub. This is where you can find encouragement and support to achieve your professional development goals. We'll also discuss HR…

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