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Readers Are Leaders: A New HR Job Board

Hey, everybody!

Thanks for reading HR Books and getting excited about #HRBookClub. I hope you’re reading a new book each month. If you’re still struggling, you can break it down into a chapter each week. Or try reading ten pages each night before you go to bed.

Still struggling? Try an audiobook.

Three New Things at HR Books

I wanted you to know that we’re collaborating with SHRM. Each month, we’ll team up to highlight an author HR and recruiting leaders should know. Last month, we told you about Tim Sackett’s new book. This month, we highlighted Sharlyn Lauby and her new book. Stay tuned for more authors and ways to learn directly from the best and brightest thinkers in our industry.

I started HR Books because leaders are readers. The plan for 2018 is to deliver SHRM-related content and tools that will help you study for your certification exams and, beyond the test, add value to your executive leadership teams. More on that, soon.

Finally, I know that professional development is essential to you. It’s important to learn, grow, and find a job where your skills and contributions are valued. Why else are you reading HR books? That’s why I’ve created a job board with the best HR jobs on the market. I’m featuring companies that appreciate HR and roles that won’t crush your soul. In other words, HR jobs that don’t suck.

I hope you stick around, read more books, and help us change how HR is perceived in the marketplace.

What are you looking for from HR Books? Take our survey and tell us how we can improve!

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