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The HR Role Model You’ve Been Looking for

You’re busy, tired, and stressed out from a career in human resources that might not be as fulfilling as it once seemed. You’re still cashing checks, but you’re not bringing your best to work.

There’s part of you that has grown complacent, but I know you want to do better. You want to be the change within HR. And, while you might follow bloggers or find inspiration from business leaders, you’re looking for someone who works in human resources to admire.

You want someone to feel your pain and show you a path forward. That person, my friends, is Steve Browne. He’s the Vice President of HR at LaRosa’s Pizza.

You’re like — what the hell is a LaRosa’s Pizza?

I’m like — does it even matter, bro? Have I ever done you wrong? Be curious and find him on LinkedIn.

Connect With Steve Browne

Once you find Steve on the internet, find his book, “HR on Purpose.” I reviewed it back in February as the team was building our website. We’re superfans of Steve Browne, although some of us are brand new admirers. The head of operations here at HR Books asked me if Steve Browne was married to Brené Brown.

I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

Anyway, we love “HR on Purpose” for its earnest style and universal approach to tackling everyday HR issues. Rather than overengineering solutions and implementing enterprise-wide technology, Steve applies common sense to challenges faced by nearly all HR departments around the world.

Do you like your HR served up with pragmatism? Want to work in a drama-free zone? Do you prefer relationships over email? Steve is your guy, and “HR on Purpose” is your book.

Are You Attending #SHRM18?

If you’re headed to SHRM in Chicago, make sure you find Steve and asked for an autographed copy. And, also, buy a copy for your boss. Finally, if you’ve read this book once, read it again.

HR professionals have few role models. For once, we have someone to admire who works in the trenches. “HR on Purpose” represents the first of many books published by SHRM that will give you an insider’s view of what it’s like to work in HR.

Go ahead and buy “HR on Purpose.” We recommend it. What are you waiting for?

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