the talent fix

The Talent Fix

Note from Laurie: Tim Sackett is a human resources executive and world’s foremost expert on workplace hugging. In his new book, “The Talent Fix,” coming out in May 2018, Tim tackles the age-old problem of how to recruit great talent. Here are his thoughts on what “The Talent Fix” is all about.

The biggest problems all organizations face right now, across the world, have to do with attracting and keeping their talent. If you don’t have enough talent, you can’t grow. If you don’t have the right talent, you can’t compete. If you don’t keep your best talent, you’re in trouble!

I get asked one question more than any other when it comes to talent acquisition. It’s usually from a TA leader who is in a position where everything seems to be going wrong. The question is:

“How do we fix our recruiting?”

You already know the problem with this question. It depends on a thousand factors, and as you can imagine, every organization probably has a different fix.

What I found myself doing was not “fixing” their TA shop, but giving them a roadmap to how I would run their shop. If I were you, here’s what I would do…step by step, brick by brick if you build it, candidates will come!

The model works, so I wrote a book detailing how I think every corporate talent acquisition department should run. That book is called “The Talent Fix,” and it launches at the SHRM Talent Conference in April, and will be available on Amazon soon after in May. You can take pieces of my “fix” and plug them in, and keep your own stuff that is working.

What I found isn’t one silver bullet to running a great TA shop. There are several silver bullets, and you need to use them all!

The book is based on my experience transforming corporate TA shops for organizations large and small, across many industries. I tapped my TA leader friends on the shoulder who are running great TA organizations and had them share their wisdom as well.

What I discovered was I was good at TA, but not because I had some special superpower. I was good because I had built a great network of brilliant people who were willing to share their failures, successes, and their best ideas. This book shares so many of those great ideas and successes that you can take and immediately apply to your own organization.

What I love about the book is you can be on day one of your career as a TA pro, or year 30 as a TA executive, and “The Talent Fix” has something for you. It’s written by a practitioner, for practitioners and leaders, in layman’s terms with an understanding of the complexities we all face in making changes like this on the fly.

Learn more about Tim Sackett’s book on his website, and sign up to his newsletter to be notified when “The Talent Fix” launches!

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