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Hello, everybody. My name is Laurie Ruettimann. I am a writer, speaker and entrepreneur. As of today, I am the founder of HR Books, and the leader of the #HRBookClub. This website is a dream come true for me.

You can’t blog about human resources for fourteen years without learning a few things. I learned that the most influential and powerful HR professionals are readers. I’ve created this platform to help people read at least 12 books each year.

This is an easy challenge for some people. But for those who don’t pick up a good book regularly, you’ll struggle to achieve this goal. It’s my job is to help you work to the top of your license, and that’s why I created this platform.

Our lives are about to change. Are you ready?

Here’s what you can find on HR Books.

This site will recommend books, content and ideas that speak to passion, purpose and leadership in the talent-driven economy. We will amplify the best stuff in the marketplace. And I’ll endorse authors, books and events that meet my particular standards.

We’ll start the #HRBookClub.

We will read one or two books together each month. Don’t want to read that book? I’ll share another title. We’ll meet on Facebook Live at the end of each month to discuss what we learned from the author and the story. And the #HRBookClub forum is a space for us to talk throughout the month. We can offer encouragement and advice to achieve our reading goals.

Do you spend too much time on your phone? Of course you do. I am guilty of wasting time and watching animal videos on Instagram instead of reading. Everybody needs to consume better content, and HR Books has a simple mission: We’re here to shine a light on the best stuff for our industry. You can’t lead if you don’t read, and you’ll never get promoted to a leadership role if you don’t improve strategic thinking skills. Books make the difference. It’s as simple as that.

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